I made a board game playing AI engine in python that uses a 5-DOF robotic manipulator to move the pieces.

NYU Lunar Soil Excavation Robot

In 2014 I was Captain and Project Manager to NYU's select NASA Robotics Competition Team: Team Atlas.

ARM device driver for the Bosch BMP085

I wrote a low-level pressure sensor driver developed for ARM Cortex-M devices.

Wireless NES Controller

I built a rechargeable wireless NES controller which is fully USB compatible with Windows.

Resume and Contact Info

Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in Real Time Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Electronics Design.
NASA TV Interview

NASA TV Interview

NASA INTERVIEW A clip of my interview with NASA TV after NYU's first run in the 2014 NASA Robotic Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center.
Hardware and Software Projects

Hardware and Software Projects

PROJECTS Click here to see the latest sensors, robots, schematics, and software projects I have been working on in my free time.
Resume and Contact Information

Resume and Contact Information

RESUME Click here for my current resume and contact info
Welcome to the site! My name is Eason Smith and I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer and a graduate of NYU Tandon School of Engineering. When I am not coding or soldering, I can be found playing guitar, video games, and spending time with my wife and family.