RF Stick


Current state of the RF Stick. (4 Layer PCB)


RF Stick (work in progress)


The ‘RF Stick’ ,  is a project I am currently working on which is an AVR/arduino based wireless IoT platform. A side-goal of the project is to allow the pcb to be easily implemented into the innards of old school video game controllers which I am adapting into wireless versions for my HTPC. The stick is being developed to be modified for a number of other uses, especially concerning wireless IoT devices which may require a more accurate and robust battery monitor.

The main features of this PCB include:

  • 2.4Ghz RF transceiver
  • on board Power Monitoring/LiPo Battery Gas Gauge IC
  • on board Lipo Charger IC
  • Based off of an Atmega 328p chip
  • I2C/SPI ready
  • on board USB and Lipo Battery connectors
  • 3.3V regulated input/output

Status:Board needs cleaning up and so do the schematic files. The schematic needs to be framed and sectioned and the load sharing transistor still needs to be chosen along with a few other small electrical details. The PCB traces and parts need to be labeled and then it’s off to the PCB fab house.

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